Space Wax ``II`` Brand New Full-Length LP AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Five years in the making, our brand new album “II” was released on March 4th, 2022 through Glory or Death Records. Our newest release stays true to the heavy foundations we have built upon, while injecting some new flavors through more complex song structures and the use of synths and keyboards.


The new album comes in classic black vinyl or random-colored vinyl. LP also includes a full-color, 11″ x 22″ Stone Octave Sorcerer poster drawn by our drummer Connor Getzlaff.


Space Wax Upcoming Shows

Friday, November 19, 2021 @ The Pour House – Oceanside, CA.
w/ Great Electric Quest and Arugula – 8PM $10


Band BIO

2022 will mark the ten year anniversary of Space Wax being a band and we have a lot of exciting news to share on special releases, merch and shows. Keep checking here and our Instagram for all the latest updates.

The world is in constant turmoil and is being destroyed by a planet full of kooks. The only way to escape the destructive ways of this human race is to join Space Wax as they prepare to set forth on their much anticipated Intergalactic Caravan Party which is set to blast off from their home base of San Diego, CA. The trip will be long and you may exhibit bouts of heavy gravity and cabin fever but don't worry, our suspended animation tanks will pump you full of our magic potion and everything will seem like a purple radiation dream. We invite you to come along with us on our epic quest as we party, rage and battle the elusive Megalodon 13 as we journey into the vast unknown.


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